Air Charter & Ferry Flight Service


Our Air Charter, also called air taxi or ad-hoc flights require certification from the associated country’s national aviation authority. The regulations are differentiated from typical commercial/passenger service by offering a non-scheduled service. In the U.S. these flights are regulated under FAA Part 135. There are some cases where a charter operator can sell scheduled flights, but only in limited quantities. The same regulations also apply to Air Ambulance and cargo operators.

Types of Services

There are several business models which offer air charter services from the traditional charter operator to
brokers and jet card programs:

  • Charter Operators – certified by their associated government body such as the FAA for US carriers have legal authority to advertise and conduct flights for hire.
  • Air Charter Broker – Charter Brokers arrange flights on behalf of their clients, acting as an “Authorized Agent”.
  • Jet card – Programs offered by both brokers and operators where a customer is offered a fixed hourly rate for a specific jet category and the broker or operator sources a jet from the available charter fleet.
  • Online marketplace – Online Booking platform where the client can choose and book the desired aircraft directly with the operator.

Ferry Permit

To perform a ferry flying a ferry permit must be obtained that is a written authorization issued by a National Airworthiness Authority to move a non-airworthy civil aircraft from its present location to a maintenance facility to be inspected, repaired and returned to an airworthy state.

Our dedicated aviation professionals are able to deliver any airplane from any location to any location in the World. As light as Cessna 152 to all sizes of corporate jets, all over the world. We have qualified, experienced and type-rated pilots to take over any project, small or large. For the first time aircraft buyers, some of our flight instructors will come for a ride as safety pilots and provide en route instruction at no additional cost.