Tecnam today revealed that SoftekSim Ltd has achieved EASA certification for its Tecnam P2006T FNPT2 Flight Simulator.

Latvian based SoftekSim Ltd have developed their P2006T Twin simulator to meet JAR-FSTD A requirements for FNPT II certification an exact replica of the P2006T cabin and instrument panel.

SoftekSim’s simulator enables Flight Training Organisations to train and improve the flight procedures, navigation flights, VMC and IMC flight training. Fly into zero-zero conditions or practice other weather hazards.

It features a realistic rendering of scenes and detailed drawing of airports and helps pilots to train procedures in different stages of flight and also in emergency situations.

SoftekSim’s P2006T Simulator features a high level of sophistication, replicating glass and analogue cockpit configurations and an enhanced video projection system.

The first P2006T simulator is now in service with Lithuanian based Baltic Aviation Academy and is already being used as part of its curriculum to train the next generation of commercial airline pilots.

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